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Lesson 5: How To Depower Your Kite

Depowering Your Kite & Using Your Safety Systems

Depowering Your Kite

The first method to depowering your kite

As a beginner you will over power the kite a lot by pulling down on the bar. This response happens when you feel out of control and will more often than not make the situation worse. Don’t worry everyone does this when they first learn. In most stressful situations we tend to tense up. You need to train to do the opposite by pushing the bar away, or even just letting go when in doubt. This will release the tension of the outside lines depowering your kite so that you can regain control. Remember the kite turns by steering left and right not pulling on the bar.

In light wind overpowering the kite can result in a back stall. Similar to pulling the yoke on a plane to much, the kite will not have the proper left and will fall backwards. We need to train ourselves to keep the bar in the sweet spot.

The second method to depowering your kite

The second method is kill all power to the kite by engaging the quick release located above the chicken loop. When you engage the quick release the leash that is connected center line will pull about 15 feet of the center safe line completely depowering your kite. Do this if your being drag somewhere you don’t want to be dragged, you still feel unsafe after letting go of the bar, or you simply want to land the kite by yourself.

The third method to depowering your kite

Ditch the kite by disconnecting your leash from your harness. The kite will no longer be connected to you. This is done as a last resort and should be used if your in fear of your life or serious injury.