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Lesson 8:Hot Launch Your Kite In Light Wind


Hot Launch Your Kite

In light wind you may not be able to launch a kite at the edge of the wind window so a hot launch will be necessary.  A hot launch is down when the kite is directly down wind of you in the power zone. Below are the following steps to perform this maneuver.

Step 1: Position the kite directly down wind on its trailing edge.
Step 2: Pull on center lines.
Step 3: If the kite is not sitting evenly on its trailing edge pull on one of the outside lines while pulling the center lines to adjust the kite position.

In this case the kite is sitting more to the right side so I must pull the left line.
Step 4: Begin tugging the center lines once the kite is in position.
Step 5: As the kite launches grab the bar to steer kite.