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Lesson 7: How To Self-Rescue Using Your Kite

How To Self-Rescue

This video lesson we will be going over how to do a self-rescue with your kite. This is a very important lesson and is often disregarded at many kite schools.

In a senario in which your kiting and your unable to launch your kite back into the air usually from the wind dying or equipment malfunction you will want to feel comfortable doing a self-rescue to get back to shore. Now this is not the only way to perform a self-rescue but I do find this method quick and easy to perform.

The idea is to get to your kite without it powering back up so you can either float on the leading edge and kick back or bend the kite in a way in which it acts like a sail to get back to shore.

Kite Self-Rescue

Step 1: Engage your quick release.
Step 2: Remove leash from harness.
Step 3: Attach kite to board by running leash threw foot strap then board handle.
Secure leash to itself by attaching bottom of leash to top of leash.
Step 4: Grab white center line and begin pulling kite towards you.
Step 5. Avoid grabbing the bar, reach past it to continue pulling white center line that has the most tension.
Make sure you keep the rest of the lines to one side to avoid tangling in them as you make your way to the kite.
Step 6: Pull black center bridle until you reach the kite.
Step 7: Grab kite by leading edge and move towards the kites wing tip.
Step 8:Flip the kite near the wing tip.
By grabbing it near the wing tip the wind will help you flip the kite.
Step 9: Grab the black center bridle where it meets the center line.
Step 10: Pull bridle while using your back hand to push the kite in front of you.
Step 11: Sail it back home by holding the kite from the far center bridle and the kites wing.