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Lesson 6: 2 Ways To Self-Land Your Kite

2 Methods To Self-land Your Kite

Self-Land Kite

This video goes over 2 methods on how to self-land your kite. The first and safest method to self-land your kite is to use the quick release system. The quick release system which we go over in lesson 5, depowers your kite completely. Once engage, your kite will fall out of the sky eventually going into the flagging position or resting position. Pull on the center line till you get near the bar. Avoid grabbing the bar, this would repower the kite. Instead reach over the bar and grab the line with the most tension. Continue pulling yourself towards the kite. Leash on to the leash loop, grab and reset your bar.

If on land point the kite so that it will fall towards the water. Do not do this method if there are too many people around or hazards that may cause damage to you or your kite.

The second method is to quickly steer your kite towards the surface of the water so that the entire leading edge is facing down into the water. Then pull the bottom center line until you get to the kite. Once you have the kite by the leading edge secure it by clipping your leash to the leash loop on the kite. Wrap your bar and call it a day

The second method is a quicker way to self-land your kite and usually leaves you with less line tangles and twist. However it is a more advance way to self-land your kite and should be practice in light wind.

These 2 methods are my favorite ways to self-land a kite however they are not the only ways. I find them great for the conditions I kite out of which are off boats and shallow flat areas with hardly any beach and multiply hazards on land.